…we’re back! what a great night at Cafe St Honore’!

20140925_211602ByeesQjIUAAdF1n.jpg largeTotal Food Geeks Edinburgh are back, and have celebrated new starts at Cafe’ St Honore on Thursday night… thanks to the fabulous care of genial head chef Neil Forbes and manager Dave and all the staff!
We gathered just after 7 around a big table to share a lovely, tenderly constructed for us, dinner and several slices of sourdough bread to mark Sourdough September (the Real Bread Campaign, of which I am an enthusiastic member will love this! https://twitter.com/AriAround/status/515555196869816320/photo/1). My friend Blythe from Lunchquest, Marie Joelle who is also a colleague of mine, the unbeatable David, aka Pie and Beans, and his wife and a new comer, Mike all shared the chat, the discussions over next endeavours, the interesting and ever stimulating conversation about anything from restaurants to seasonal produce to trips to various European countries and of course, the wonderful offerings that Neil and Dave had tabled for us.
We started with a panzanella salad, which suited me, the vegan, to a T!, and gravlax with pickled cucumber and rye sourdough… and then a roasted leg of lamb which Dave carved for all and a cassoulet followed. I got treated immensely well, with a veggie casserole topped with Portobello mushrooms
… and to finish Dave arrived with bread and butter pudding and treacle tart (https://twitter.com/AriAround/status/515233606999216129/photo/1)and the vegan, well… how about plum crumble?
Cafe St Honore is a brilliant place and Neil Forbes has been a supporter of TFGE since the start… he’s a real inspiration for all the restaurateurs in Edinburgh and Scotland, in my view, for his commitment to good, seasonal and nutritious food that nourishes the soul and the body and is good for the environment. It was a memorable evening and well… we are back now, so follow our communal blog!
Our next open night will be on 16 October, this time at Hula Juice Bar on the corner between Victoria Street and the Grassmarket… thanks Susan and Marie for being kind hosts!


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