TFG Open Night at Hula

It’s always good fun to get the Geeky brethren together and the recent open night at Hula Juice Bar & Gallery was no exception.20141016_203359

What was particularly enjoyable was that it was the first time visiting this Edinburgh gem for a number of our attendees. They were impressed not only by the lovely nibbles that head honcho Susan had provided, but also the delicious, coriander-infused juice shots that Cathryn had conjured up.

Marie and the rest of the team looked after us very nicely indeed, with many additional coffees and reviving juices sampled throughout our stay.20141016_203318

Hula has started opening a little later in the evenings, or more accurately is keeping to their summer opening hours a little further into the autumn/winter season, so it was good to see the place still abuzz with customers, well into the evening.

On Geek related matters, it was good to see faces old and new. It was particularly lovely that Geeks founder Georgia popped in to say hi and wish us well in our fresh endeavours.

There certainly seems to be a good level of enthusiasm to continue the project, so that’s good news.

There will be more news about future plans, soon, so we look forward to sharing them with you.

The Geeks


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