FoodGeeks & Food Tweets – The Edinburgh Twitter List

As you know, we love our food. We love it enough that we’ve now connected with a whole range of other reviewers , chefs and producers and we’re pleased to have connected with so many people, particularly on Twitter.TotalFoodGeeks

We’re now celebrating over 3,000 followers on Twitter and are delighted to say that we’ve also been included in a top 20 of the most influential Edinburgh tweeters.

It’s all part of a campaign by Hotel Direct’s Edinburgh team They are launching a new service to give their guests more insider knowledge on the city. To help promote this, they asked us to be one of their members on a Twitter list which contains “everything Edinburgh”.

The idea is that visitors and locals alike can subscribe for free, opening them up to a stream of tweets giving local information that’s bang up to date.

You’ll find everything from music to theatre to cocktails and lots more. We’re happy to represent the “food” piece of the puzzle. For those readers not following us on Twitter, you can keep a lookout for our tweets in the list here:

While you’re at it, feel free to give us a follow too at @totalfoodgeeks!

Each week, Hotel Direct is also featuring interviews with the Edinburgh Top 20 on their blog. This week it was our turn to share our thoughts. You can check out our interview here.


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