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This site is always changing as our group grows but here you can meet the Geeks and find out more the wonderful food projects they are involved with…

Rose – Now and Then Delicious & Space to Grow

roseI am always writing and getting excited about good food, drink and the possibilities of a sustainable approach to both, especially in my adopted home of Scotland and the beautiful cityof Edinburgh. I started out getting involved in the Edinburgh food community by writing my own food blog (much negleted of late Im ashamed to say – but back soon I promise) and then becoming a dedicated Geek. I now also run a community gardening project so most days Im running around trying to manage them all at once whilst not missing out on any of the amazing and fun food events that Edinburgh has to offer! I geek out over anything to do with food frankly but I have a special soft spot for cookery books, growing your own veg and a good malt whisky!

Contact details:
twitter: @edibelrose / @space_to_grow
MJ and BKR – Lunchquest

Founded by MJ and BKR, Lunchquest is a prolific review site where we write about our experiences in Edinburgh (and sometimes Glasgow) eateries. We cover everything from bacon rolls to fine dining. When not writing about food, we both work for The Istanbul Review, an international literary journal. We also run and compere the Scran Salon, Edinburgh’s monthly food shindig. We geek out over soup and espresso!

Contact details:
Danielle Ellis – EdinburghFoody

20140806-143434-52474006.jpgThe Edinburgh Foody blog celebrates restaurants, chefs, producers and produce in Edinburgh and beyond. Co writer Caroline who is Swedish and I (English) bring our own perspective through reviews, recipes and anything else that takes our fancy. We write a weekly newsletter which we send out to all our subscribers and usually two blog posts a week. I geek out on bread. I am currently learning to be a professional baker in France with a view to setting up my own bakery in the future.

Contact details:
We’ve over 10,000 followers on Twitter @edinburghfoody so best to get
in touch with us there or via the website
EdinburghFoody aka Danielle Ellis
86 Belmont Road, Juniper Green, EH14 5ED, Scotland
+ 44 (0)7901 854981
Caroline Rye

20140806-143437-52477893.jpgI trained at Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland, and am now busy with lots of food-related projects in Edinburgh. I’m the chair of Slow Food Edinburgh, and my passion lies in cooking, eating and writing about wonderful, seasonal food. I’m an active campaigner for real food, helping to connect people with where their food comes from and supporting local producers.

Contact details:
twitter: @the_elfherself
instagram: @the_hungry_elf
pinterest: theelfherself
Nicola and Lindsay from Cakehounds

20140806-143437-52477143.jpgWe are Nicola and Lindsay, two sisters from Glasgow and Stirling respectively, and you can read our blog at  Our blog tagline is “Cake, cocktails, chatter and tight buns” – we blog about afternoon tea, baking, eating out, bars and then a little fitness and health to help burn it all off!

Contact details:
Visit our site


Christine Knight

ChristineKnight2014I’m a researcher in contemporary food history and culture at the University of Edinburgh, currently investigating the deep-fried stereotype of the Scottish diet. I also have my own food blog, Vegemite on Oatcakes, featuring mostly vegetarian, gluten-free and low-carb recipes. I’m originally from Australia and moved to Scotland in 2008.

Contact details:

University webpage:
Food blog:
Twitter: @vegeknight


Julie & Scott – This International Life

ProfileJSsquareWe started blogging about travel, food, and life as expats at This International Life years ago when we were living in Zurich, Switzerland. Several countries later, we’ve made Scotland our home, and we couldn’t be more excited about the local dining (and drinking) options Edinburgh has to offer.

Contact details:

Twitter: @zurika
Instagram: @ThisInternationalLife

Helen Cross / The Gingerbread Woman

20140806-143435-52475753.jpgDividing my time and love for food between Edinburgh & London, I have a big appetite for all things food related north and south of the border and can also be found in my kitchen devising new recipes.  As well as being a self confessed coffee addict, macaroon lover and gin enthusiast I also have an eye for uncovering new coffee shops and shouting about the best foodie haunts in both Edinburgh & London.

Contact Details:
Twitter: @MrsHelenCross  
Instagram: @gingerbreadwoman84
Jonathan & Zarah – The Edinburgers

2013-11-14 19.19.42Him & Her blogging on our eating experiences in and around Edinburgh as well as the occasional shared recipe, product review and posts on our travels. We love all sorts of foods and get very excited when we discover hidden gems in Edinburgh Jonathan takes care of the beer side of things on the blog and Zarah covers everything else, and loves a great cup of tea or cocktail! 🙂 The blog has grown due to so many great places to eat in Edinburgh and further afield. We have a list we’re working on and are nowhere near there yet!

Contact details:
Blog –
Twitter – @theedinburgers
Email –
Instagram – the_edinburgers
Gary and Gemma – EdinBlogger

securedownloadEdinBlogger was initially set out as a creative outlet, somewhere we could have a bit of fun and share our adventures around Edinburgh. The plan was to share photos, provide honest reviews and have a great excuse to try new places to eat. Starting the blog has been a life changing experience for us and we now see Edinburgh in a completely different light and we’ve made so many new friends through blogging – we love it!

Contact details: 
Blog Address:
Twitter: @EdinBlogger

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